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What we do: Shiur-on-Sally’s Alley (SoSA) is a non-profit organisation offering friendship, activities & services to our senior citizens living in private retirement homes or their own homes and residing in Killarney, Melrose & beyond. 


Purpose: To support, nurture & stimulate, physically, emotionally & spiritually our senior citizens, many whose children are unable to physically be with them.


Values: Innovative and quality filled genuine care filled with the Jewish trait of chessed.


Our Team:  Rabbi Shaun Wingrin - Senior Citizens Projects Director [BSc Elec. Eng. (UP)]

                     Mrs. Phyllis Glass - Outreach [BA(SW Hons) (UP,Unisa)

                     Mrs. Lorraine Dubb - Public Relations [Yale College]

                     Mr. Julian Sher - Office Administrator – [BCom. (INF) (UP)]


Our History:
In June 2012 Rabbi Shaun Wingrin walked into a private retirement home in Melrose to offer the residents to be included in a planned bus transport to our Chief Rabbi's (R' Dr Warren Goldstein's) National Sinai Indaba Project at the Sandton Convention Centre. Due to logistical constraints Rabbi Shaun ended up instead giving a most inspiring Sinai Indaba feedback lecture to the residents following the event. In the week after this a well-received Friday night Kiddush and brief talk on the portion of the week was arranged and sponsored for the residents, and has become a weekly fixture since then. Upon getting to know the residents, their desire to be supported spiritually and emotionally was soon realised. This led to Rabbi Shaun arranging for the appropriate annual celebration of the Jewish Festivals and National Jewish Events, through Shiur-On-Sally’s Alley and its sponsorship, and they have since become a fixture at the retirement home.

Since December 2014 SoSA (Shiur-on-Sally's Alley) decided to formalise its activities and expand its staff compliments and to reach out to senior citizens residing in several private retirement homes and numerous apartment buildings in Melrose, Killarney & further afield. As of June of 2015 a very popular weekly shiur has been offered and the potentially life-saving TeleCare (emergency call for help system) was introduced and is supported & maintained by SoSA.


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